First lady Kim yoon-ok to sweden

Kim yoon-ok and me
Along with 11 other adopted koreans I met with the First Lady of The Republic of South Korea in the beautiful residence of the Korean Ambassador in Stockholm.

We cooked korean food, had a wonderful lunch during which I performed 3 pieces; Swedish traditional folk song Ack Värmeland du sköna, Korean traditional folk song Arirang and of course the fantastic Engels Nachtegaeltje.

o Liselott Åkerstrom
o Lena Kim
o Elisabet Lee
o Katarina Tolgfors
o Mattias Tjeder
o Astrid Trozig
o Jessica Polfjärd
o Martin Claesson
o Per Branevig
o Danjel Nam
o Katarina Widell
o Johanna Fridäng