Starting a new job at fst

I am now working part time at the the administrative headquarters of FST – Föreningen Svenska Tonsättare (Swedish Society of Composers).

FST – Representing professional composers in Sweden since 1918

The Society of Swedish Composers represents professional composers who are active in the field of contemporary classical music composition. It has existed since 1918, when it was founded by some of the most renowned Swedish composers of the day – people like Kurt Atterberg, Hugo Alfvén, Oskar Lindberg, Wilhelm Peterson-Berger, Ture Rangström, Wilhelm Stenhammar and others.

FST has today around 330 members, of whom more than 300 are composers. The other members are either elected as associate members or as honorary members, meaning that in their professional lives they have in various ways supported and encouraged contemporary Swedish music.

FST’s objective is to look after the artistic, financial and social interests of its members, to help spread Swedish music nationwide as well as worldwide, and generally to promote Swedish musical culture.