Nordic Music Days 2010

NMD Tatoo
The third week at my new job at FST I got the privilege to visit Nordic Music Days in Copenhagen. For me the festival started september 7th with a meeting with the other administrative headquarters of nordic composer societies. This beeing the very first NMD an introduction and gathering with the other adms was the best festival kick off possible.
Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Finland were represented
The 2nd day I participated in an international conference on the theme of ”Audience Engagement in New Music”. They invited artists, ensembles and teachers as well as promoters, festival directors and information officers. By the end of that looong day we took part in different group discussions trying to solve problems like: How to arrange concerts for Explorers – audience development in the era of the open minded non-believers. The evening ended with concerts at the Copenhagen Music Theatre (Københavns Musikteater).

We all stayed at Hotel Fox. Each room is an individual piece of art.

My hotel room: Organic ideas. Pandarosa’s room concept “was inspired by projections and the way they curve around and engulf their projected surfaces” as well as “the places, food, history, people, weather, emotions and feelings we have experienced during our journeys.” The Supanova room is intended to be: “A blossoming explosion of life that expands throughout the entire room, reaching all within and creating an organic mood within an urban space.”


This hotel room: Safe comfort. Each of Rinzen’s rooms has its own concept: “The Sleep Season room was inspired by the desire to hibernate (really!). It creates a cosy nook filled with animals sleeping through the seasons of the year. As the year passes, the animals sleep, blissfully unaware of their surroundings. A family of bears huddle around a winter tree, while a gorilla dreams in the freshness of spring. Out to sea, gigantic whales bask on summer waves and the autumn winds play havoc with hedgehogs and owls.”