Vinyl-the journey begins

One of my latest projects involves buying a vinyl recorder.
Lute player Patrik Karlsson, composer Tony Blomdahl and myself drove 27hrs to buy a Vinyl Recorder.

Our journey started on a Thursday. The V50 left Stockholm around noon and the mini van from Gothenburg took off a few hours later. We all met in the south of Sweden and after an hour of resting and eating dinner we started our journey towards the Vinyl Recorder.

27hrs later we reach our destination…

After 27hrs in the same car you become pretty synchronized. Tony Blomdahl and Patrik Karlsson. 

The following day we spent almost 12 hrs learning how to make vinyl records and another 3 hrs packing the car. Happy, tired and excited we got in the car and started the looong drive back to Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Our journey did not end on a Sunday. The project will continue. Hopefully for a very long time. So I can honestly write:

To be continued…

Beautiful view from the car