”Not winter, just snow

Time for some teaching in Piteå. I got up at 6 am which is quite normal for most people but very, very early for musicians (in general) Not even my new part time desk job demands getting up that early.
As the airplane arrived at Kallax airport (Luleå) I saw white areas on the ground…must be all the clouds, I thought…Hm. I was wrong. Snow! My student mentioned that winter comes early in Norrland and oh how right she was.
A few minutes ago in the cantina, I passed a construction worker in a T-shirt and a pair of short pants and I heard the man behind the counter shout: ”Put on some clothes Mats! It’s winter”. The man replied: ”It’s not winter yet…just snow. Winter arrives when the cold arrives”.
Nordic Vikings? I know I’m not one. Time for some hot coffee before teaching…