Today I had my first meeting with a newly formed non profit organization called Tonmakeriet. It’s a group of swedish composers, some of them still studying at The Royal College of Music in Stockholm, writing music for a group of musicians on harp, recorder, archlute, double bass and percussion. We all come from different genres such as jazz, free impro, early music, romantic and classical, theatre music, EAM and film music. Together we form a rather diverse group of people with different musical backgrounds, different knowledge and very different approaches. Hopefully we will cherish the diversity in our group and create some really fantastic new music. 
And who are we?
Patrik Jarlestam – composer
Alexandra Nilsson – composer
Victor Lisinski – composer
Karzan Mahmood – composer
Rosali Grankull – composer
Ville Bromander – double bass
Stina Hellberg – harp
Maria Olsson – percussion
& me – recorders