Stim Music Expo at Rival

Another early morning…this time because of FST. I’ve been working for FST at Stim Music Expo ALL day long from 8 am to 7 pm answering questions about FST. Stim Expo is a kind of music industry exhibition with seminars, debates and award ceremony. STIM invited politicians from all the political parties to participate in a debate with the music industry. Moderaterna and Sverigedemokraterna didn’t show…
”FSTs monter” (The FST booth)
Instead of a roll up we used an ”analog facebook wall”. It’s basically a large black painted wooden board on which people were offered to write comments on our million dollar question: ”What should FST be doing?” Comments from the wall: ”Musicians should be able to make a living from their profession”
”Is music just a product to sell?”, and one for the big guys: ”FST should educate politicians in reality”
Stina Lyles observing the FST facebook wall