Is it really ”all ’bout the money”?

”It’s all ’bout the money, it’s all ’bout the dum dum…” (Meja) A quote that’s not seemed very irrelevant after today’s discussions from the debate between politicians and the music industry at the Stim Music Expo. A lot of the dialogues absorbed in too much money talk. These discussions got me thinking. As a musician engaged in new music and early music I think very differently regarding the question: What is success? For me the answer it’s not necessarily making millions of money and selling thousands of CD’s. It has to do with the opportunity to create new and exciting music. It has to do with my desire of promoting the small genre I represent. To be able to do all of this, not only do I have to find all my gigs, write the applications, comission the music I want to premiere and be my own manager, I have to work part time with something completely different from what I’m trained for. All for the sake of…money…?!?
So maybe it IS all ’bout the money….However, not money as an outcome of my profession but the money that helps me execute my profession.
But at the end of the day I’m not sorry for choosing this profession. I was told from the day I set foot at KMH (The Royal College of Music in Stockholm) ”There is no market for musicians, you have to create you own market, offer something that no one else can” With this in mind I am now going to reboot and prepare myself for another wonderful day at the office.